Joel talks about racism (1:12)

To move to Sydney, Wollongong, was – was just a culture shock.  I was – I was the half caste boy that used to chase – that lived in the bush, do you know what I mean?  And just looked at so differently from their standards and their points of view.  And I think that was my first sort of view into racism and what it – what it means and – and how it feels and the effects it can have and the segregation it causes.  Because there was me and I think one other Indigenous boy at this primary school, and he was my best made.  We were best buddies.  We played rugby and, you know, we sort of were like even though we grew up in totally different parts of Australia, and totally different backgrounds, we related to so many things, it was – it was quite funny.  And no-one else knew what we were sort of on about in some senses, you know?  We’d go fishing off the bridge, you know, on our way home from school.  It was – you know, it was – the people looking at us like, “What are youse doing?”