Joel talks about the stereotyping of students (1:28)

The stereotyping, like, initially comes back. I think music also is because we are stereotyped as musicians so we just hold onto that and we’re all musos and we’re right. You go in – the same students could probably go to a maths class, you know, you have an Asian and a black and a white, and the stereotypes will come back, I think. You know  the Asian student is going to do well in maths. That’s just a stereotype you know, it’s – the Indigenous guy is going to sit at the back of class you know and the white guy is probably going to ... you know what I mean? The stereotypes just come back and it’s so easy to fall into and it’s not just easy for students to fall into that, but it’s easy for lecturers to assume that, you know, that okay I’ve been teaching for 10 years and the Asian kids have always been good and the white goods have always done this and you know like, it’s easy for them to say that, but if they’ve always been doing that, is it because of the way you’re teaching? Is it because of the way you are holding the class? Is – you know, is what you have witnessed over the last 10 years, is that right? Or can you make a change? Can you make that difference? Can you stop the segregation, so that instead of a white student, a black student, an Asian student – we just feel like students?