Victor talks about training (1:54)

And that other things, the tucker run business, I seen it when I was in bush long time, relying for tucker coming in from community, from Maningrida. When I start joining CDEP in ’91, 1991, I keep getting it, CDEP pays, and I say, “Oh, that easy”. Like they call it UB, cheques and suddenly I was doing it, little bit work there. We got a Balanda from Jabiru, Kakadu, Siggy Numaljalki, he’s been staying with us there for long time, and I seen it working, building up a little plant, little farm, getting all the buffalo bone, ashes, grass. I say, “What you doing? You mad.” “No, I’m making compost for making garden.” “Oh yeah, I’ll join you too” and he said, “Come along.” And start working with him, training yeah, bush training. And it was really, it was going – going really good that man. Teach me a lot of things that man. And suddenly I realised – ah, how come I’m relying for tucker run coming here? How about I do something, find a job or make plants. Then suddenly building up garden in your own community and then that's why I said, someone pulling my leg, trying to be together. Someone come up in my plant, stealing all the tucker, come back, seen it, I had enough. I’ll get a job I reckon. Is that alright? I can’t relying tucker to come up.