Victor talks about destroying motivation through mining royalties (1:59)

Tell me a little bit about these countrymen who pull you back?  Why is that happening?

Why people pulling me, as I mentioned earlier, why people are pulling me back? Because of a lot of influence in the past - Nabarlek minings and Ranger minings. They got spoiled from royalty. Mining give them lot of royalties. All the money gone to their pockets and running amok – drugs, alcoholic and accidents happening and losing all the family member, and their strong leaders. Royalty is really bad things for countrymen. 

Is royalty a bad thing or royalties if they’re not used in a good way?

Royalty, not using good ways.  If I start them off something enterprise there and come up to royalty, my side I can see it.  I say royalty don’t go in countrymen’s pocket. 


I say royalty, stay in their own community, build them up, like what I said earlier. Build them up school, trainings, jobs. Royalty is lot of good things. But countrymen, fool me things, trying to be level like them. What I say, level like thems, sitting down bludging, waiting for royalties. And it’s not going to happen in the future. In the future it has to be changed, a lot of government things, changings. And that truth, someone have to get up and stand strong.