Nardene talks of being a role model to inspire Indigenous people to gain an education (2:09)

How do you break that cycle and how do you provide them with the motivation to step out of that world and into a more positive world?

By yeah, by like by your actions, because you can’t just go and say to them, ‘Oh, you know, education is good’ and then you’re not showing them, and you’re doing the similar behaviour or, yeah, you don’t – you come to uni but you don’t do well.  Yeah, so in one way you’ve got to show by your actions that, yeah, that you can do it and so can they. 

And I think, yeah, like by me like, yeah, coming to university that I’ll one day work with them so, you know, I, yeah, want to go and like talk to them and you know sit down, yeah, you know, like sit down in the community. You know, not just for one day but you know over a period of time and just sit and talk to them and you know like maybe tell them about my experience and yeah what education is available to them. 

You know, it’s slowly, but you know, me on my own I won’t make a difference. But you know if I can make a difference to one Indigenous person, then one is enough and then they can get one and then it slowly builds up over time.  So you’ve got like, a lot of Indigenous people, working for Indigenous people.  Yeah, so yeah you don’t have negative thinking and you build yourself up and you say, ‘Okay, well I did it.  Yeah, you can do it and I’m there to help’, so you’re not just saying, ‘I did it so you should do it.’  You like say, ‘Yeah, I did it but yeah I’m open to help you, if this is what you want.’