Nardene talks about the importance of a friendly and positive learning environment (1:13)

So how important is a friendly classroom to learning, in your opinion?

Well you feel like you want to come every day, like it motivates you to come every day, because you think ‘Oh, I like this!’ So having a friendly classroom environment, it motivates you to come and want to learn but if you come there and there’s like negative feelings around the classroom, you’re like oh no, I don’t want to come today. Yeah, I’ll just have today off.   And then you have today off and then it turns into a week or something, so I think, yeah, if you have a positive learning environment, not only Indigenous people but non-Indigenous people, just the whole classroom, yeah, no-one feels like they’re singled out. Everyone feels like they’re participating and they get to know each other.  And I’ve built up some friendships through going through Cert IV into Higher Ed by just, yeah, doing that, yeah.