Joel talks about success (1:28)

I see success as – I think the best way to describe it, I see success as being able to support my family, as being a productive and constructive member of my community and my family and – and, you know, being successful in employment and education.  Yeah, that – that, for me, is success.  It’s, you know, the main two things is – is the family and employment because, you know, you can have a family and no employment, but your family will suffer because you have no money, so they have to go hand in hand.  And then community.  I mean, you can have family and employment, but if you have nothing else outside of that, it’s easy for that to fall apart too because you’re forever clashing heads with the same – your – your partner or your children or you just don’t have a separate community life or, you know, aspects.  And it’s very easy to just get sick of each other.  So yeah, for me, success, yeah, is being able to support my family, being successful in our – in my employment, and being productive in the community.