Heleana talks about attitudes to education and the nothing generation (1:32)

Well, you know the ones from the 70s and 60s that were educated, they were educated strongly both culture and non-culture, you know English and all that.  And then you’ve got the ones in the 80s and 90s that had all opportunity yet the first one that did leave and go and get educated, had to leave Arnhem Land and go into the city and be educated, come back and they still had – that had two knowledge and they didn’t bring back bad influences yet the ones from the 80s and 90s had even better opportunity to have best of both worlds yet they couldn’t bring it together.  They brought back bad influences, you know, alcohol and drugs back into the communities and taught the younger ones and then become nothing and they’re supposed to you know achieve something, come back and be leader and we’ve only got the ones – the first ones that was educated from back in the 70s.  And you know that’s also teached me and motivated me, looking back in the past and then seeing the future and seeing our young ones that is a nothing generation.  It’s sad.  It’s like we’re not going anywhere with it.