Heleana talks about goals and ambitions (1:28)

I wanna become a teacher and I’d like to start from Early Childhood because I thought I started from – as an adult learner learning how to read and write as a child and I thought if I’m gonna – I want to aim to be a teacher to teach both society, understand  them how to come out and teach us and for us to teach them. I thought I’ll start with adult - you know, adult learning and then understand how we’re going to develop that and work in together.  I thought Early Childhood and then adult learning.

There was a lot of opportunity for me. There was a lot out there but it was something that has always been there and I like teaching somebody and it always got back to when I was a kid.  I would have been about 13 when my Uncle told me we would have a lot of visitors and what he taught me that I’ve got to teach others as well.  It was always about teaching somebody.  As when tourism come into Australia and come into Arnhem Land, they told me to be honest and be true about it, share your knowledge and teach others when it’s really – it’s in us all the time, teaching.