Angelee talks about motivation (3:42)

One of the reasons why I wanted to study was because my family was starting up a business. And I want to be prepared and ready to help to run it. And I have been told that I can study while the business is up and running but I want to do it before it starts, prepared and ready, and if I do need further study, I’ll do it. That was pretty much my main reason to study. And when I got the employment here, that was pretty good because I don’t want to wake up ten years down the track still living on Centrelink and not earning my own money. That’s not the life that I want. So that’s pretty much my motivation of doing this. And when I was told about the study I found that a bonus and just went for the interview and crossed my fingers. And I got it.
And then, but yeah, the reason to, another reason to, was ‘cause my parents were hard workers and mainly everybody in my family works, and I just don’t want to be the only one on the side. And I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews that are under me, and I just want to encourage them and show them like they can get up and go do it. So that’s mainly the reason why I’m doing it. And , my daughter starts school next year, and, you know, I don’t want her having show and tell and saying, “Oh, you know, my mum sits at home, doing home duties and stuff like that”. Like I want her to say “Oh yeah, my mum works, and she works at CDU or somewhere”, which, you know, would be good for her to brag about me, not to say “Oh my mum sits at home and does nothing”. So yeah, that’s one other reason.
And I think another reason too would have been my mother, because she was such a hard worker. When I got into high, just even when I got into primary school, she was really happy. And when I got into high school that made her even more happy, but she never got to see me finish it. And she’s that type of person, she believes that I could do and be anything, and just, sometimes when I think about her, getting this job, I think that she would have been really proud to see me get up and go to work every day. So, I think that’s another thing too. And she would have been proud to know that I’ve been studying on top of it, if she was around. So I think that she would be another motivation. And the same with my father, you know, ‘cause he believes in people should work to get what they earn, so when he found out that I got the job, you know, he was like “Good on you. See, all you got to do is just get out there and go do it, and you got it”, and I was like “Yeah thanks, thanks dad”. So yeah, just, I think, yeah, like family as well.
All my sisters work, and, I think sometimes when I see my sister, who’s  a health worker, she worked hard since she was 15 and now she’s a senior health worker.  And she works really hard. So just  seeing, like, her  as a role model, and my other sister who works pretty hard, well my two other sisters. And just seeing them work hard, you know it just makes you want to get out there and go do something. So yeah, I was pretty happy when I got the apprenticeship here.